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One of the things I've noticed from traveling around buying antiques is that most antique beds are unusable today. Either they were made in sizes that are no longer standard and would require an expensive custom mattress or they're missing side rails. However, almost all of them have beautiful hand-turned posts that were truly one of a kind. I take these good elements and create a new bed around the antique posts that is structurally sound and compatible with standard mattresses.

I use traditional bed bolt and nut construction with a slat mattress support system and can customize to fit standard queen or king size mattresses with a box spring--or even modern adjustable electric beds. My Antique Newbeds can be stained or painted in a finish of your choice.

Browse the photo gallery below to learn more about the process of turning an antique bed into an Antique Newbed.

What is an Antique Newbed?

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